About Us

We believe that design can change the world!

Make life better and more interesting.

We constantly challenge ourselves, innovate, and create works with unlimited possibilities.

We are a software development company based in Hong Kong, focusing on developing mobile applications and internet applications, with a team with both design and innovative development capabilities.


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Tectom Core Values

“Using design to make life better” is Tectom’s core value. We are a team that focuses on digital application design, providing services for APP design and website design.

We attach great importance to the opinions of users, and actively discuss with customers to maximize the value of product use, making the distance between people and technology closer.

We are Tectom

An evolving team committed to cultivating innovative and interesting ideas and transforming them into real-world value. We firmly believe that rich and colorful life experiences can enhance the level of product design.

Our team members include

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A small but effective team

Our team is not only professional, but also fun-loving. We believe that after joining us, you will definitely feel this passion and vitality!

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