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is to put the user at the center of everything we do, and that includes you. We are dedicated to providing every customer with personalized products and continuously exploring user needs to create a uniquely valuable brand.


智慧大廈 IOT


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App Dev

- UX/UI design
- Programming function
- Customized APP development
- Data analysis and report production

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- Quickly Understand Property Status
- Analyze Sensor Records
- Personalized Search and Sorting
- Pedestrian Traffic Statistics
- Surveillance Devices

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We are a team of professional designers with years of experience. Our goal is to help clients create unique and competitive products that achieve their dreams and goals.

With our professional skills and enthusiasm, we will continue to lead clients beyond their expected goals and create products that have a real impact.


Early-stage discussion and planning

are critical to the success of a project, much like preparing ingredients is to cooking a perfect dish.

At this stage, we need to understand the needs of the client and target users from multiple perspectives, reach a consensus, and define the development scope, feature priorities, timeline and budget. Only by defining the correct design direction in the early stages of a project can we save time, costs, and resources.

 Next, we will show the details, including understanding the client’s goals, analyzing the product’s value, and planning the project content. We will conduct requirement interviews to confirm business goals and analyze product value propositions, target market situations, and product positioning definitions.

Finally, we will carry out project specification planning, schedule planning, quotation, and project plan and other work. Let’s start this delicious cooking process together and bring perfect project results to our clients!

User Experience Design

We don’t just design beautiful interfaces. Instead, we focus on creating an excellent user experience and providing business value. We use requirements as a filter, carefully plan, repeatedly test and verify user behavior, and build a reasonable, complete, and user-satisfying product framework.

User research: Through qualitative/quantitative research, including card sorting, KANO function weighting analysis, persona prototyping, user journey, scenario and other methods, we gain in-depth understanding of user needs. Define core functions: Define the core functions of the product through brainstorming, user flow planning, user story writing, user story mapping,

Constructing product profile:

  • Construct a complete product profile through information architecture design
  • function level definition
  • function module planning

Confirm operational details:

  • Confirm the operational details of the product through wireframe design
  • flow chart planning
  • interaction and operation definition
  • operation logic writing, data field confirmation
  • API discussion

Good user experience design will make users fall in love with your product!

Interface Design

A good interface design can make it easier for users to achieve their operational goals. Through an interface with high readability and clear feedback, we can guide users to use the product more smoothly. At the same time, through concise and practical visual language, we can also clearly convey the brand image and value proposition to users.

Confirm visual style:

  • We will confirm the client’s brand tone and visual style, and propose a color plan.

Product UI design:

  • We will design components and interface UI layout according to the Design Guideline, and make detailed annotations, final artwork, and cut graphics.

Create visual feedback:

  • We will also design dynamic components and create them through AE motion graphics to provide a more vivid user experience.**

Programming Development

Our programming development is rigorous and systematic, conducting testing, deployment, and technology transfer to ensure that every design detail can be effectively implemented, facilitating future maintenance and expansion, and injecting true value into the product.

  •  Framework establishment: system analysis and planning, interface and API design, and page integration.
  • Programming function writing: front-end/back-end programming development, database planning and construction, compilation/integration of APIs, and embedding behavior tracking, while conducting code version control.
  •  Testing and adjustment: conducting unit tests and adjusting as necessary.
  •  Acceptance and launch: acceptance, installation procedures, and producing system documents at each stage. At the same time, conducting technology transfer.

Product Launch Optimization

Did you know that product launch is just the beginning? Tectom invites you to join the journey of product iteration, improve your product with data observation and optimization.

  • User Feedback Observation
  • Monitor user feedback and app rating to understand their true thoughts.
  • Data Analysis
  • GA analysis, Flurry analysis, repeat usage rate, retention rate, and page conversion rate. We provide you with the most accurate data.
  • Product Iteration Planning
  • Maintain and optimize the product iteration plan, let’s make progress together.


Customer focus
We are passionate about bringing the joy of design exploration to every project. To pursue the highest quality products, we are committed to fully understanding user needs in all areas of the project.
We are adept at color planning and testing the suitability of various components to achieve the desired product appearance.
User feedback and customer satisfaction after the product is launched are powerful motivators for us to continue to move forward.
Based on the project deadline, the feasibility of the technical scope, and the difficulty of development, we will strive to improve the fidelity of UX/UI design and functional requirements, while ensuring its scalability and modifiability.

WEB Design