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Khaho Store Co.


May 2024


Khaho Store Co. was established in 2016 and quickly emerged as a leading local retailer of railway models, offering a variety of Japanese, Chinese, and European railway models. Dedicated to fostering a community for railway model enthusiasts to share their passion, Cahoots has pioneered several initiatives in the Hong Kong industry, including the creation of immersive large-scale railway model scenes for recreational enjoyment.


💼 Customized Reservation System: To enhance your model train experience, we offer a customized reservation system, allowing you to easily schedule events and gatherings!

🛒 Exquisite Online Store Platform: Explore our online store where you’ll find a wide range of rare and exquisite model trains and accessories, perfect for collectors or gift-giving!

👤 Membership Management System: Become a member and enjoy exclusive discounts, event notifications, and effortless management of your orders and personal information!

Visit the Kha Ho Model Trains website at and embark on your model train journey today! Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to exploring the exciting world of model trains with you! 🚂✨

In the world of real estate 3