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The only mall mobile application with the largest product display platform in Hong Kong

New Town Mall breaks the traditional shopping mall model and allows you to browse thousands of products anytime, anywhere, exchange New Town Mall electronic coupons and collect your favorite products, and you can also communicate with New Town Mall merchants instantly.

New Town Mall is a famous diversified leisure shopping and entertainment hotspot in Hong Kong. It is located in the city centers of Mong Kok and Tsuen Wan respectively, adjacent to Mong Kok and Tsuen Wan MTR stations.

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Customer version

Latest News
  • Receive the latest offers from the mall and participate in events.
Share with friends
  • Share the latest mall offers and store products with friends and enjoy the fun of shopping together.
Support membership system
  • Members can obtain shopping mall electronic coupons, collect favorite products and stores, and exchange them for gifts.
Instant call
  • Contact the store immediately, and the relationship between the store and the customer will be closer.
Product Information
  • Browse the latest products and learn about the latest store trends anytime and anywhere.
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Merchants Edition

The merchant version is launched to support the customer version, allowing them to upload products, electronic coupons and communicate with customers anytime and anywhere.

Scan Coupon System
  • Merchants can simply use their mobile phone camera to scan store coupons.
Coupon system
  • It allows merchants to easily create electronic coupons and check coupon status on their mobile phones, making it easier to know how customers use coupons.
Product upload
  • Allow merchants to upload products anytime and anywhere and publish the latest products in their stores.
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Preview website and management system​

Responsive website design can suit all users and can be viewed and used on different devices.

Preview website

  • Users can share the latest shopping mall offers and products with their friends through the mobile application. Friends can browse product information in a more convenient website and download the mobile application more conveniently.

Management system

  • The customized online management system can meet the needs of New Town Mall. This allows the mall to publish the latest activities and offers, and at the same time, it can view and manage all members’ coupons, products and activity status.
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Experience a different shopping mall experience