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Pico Global Services Ltd.


Mar 2017

Multi-national, multi-lingual, large enterprise website

The Pico Group’s professional agents around the world create interactive experiences between brands and audiences for companies, institutions of all sizes, and local government departments.

Responsive design

The responsive design of the website makes it easy to browse the website on different sizes of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

desktop responsive

Multi-country and multi-lingual website

A large corporate website in 28 regions and 9 languages, with regional release information in multiple languages.

Regional automatic navigation

Detect the website region it belongs to and recommend browsing the website in the region.

desktop multilang

Powerful search engine

Search web pages or images by keyword or voice, and it is also categorized into cases, news, and insights to facilitate searching for information.

desktop search web

Friendly design – adjust text size

In order to make the user more comfortable when reading the article, a special text size adjustment button can be used to adjust the size of the text independently.


Membership system – download designated publications and subscribe to e-newsletters

Registered members can download publications and receive regular e-newsletters to obtain the latest corporate news.

desktop member


Simulating the opening of a book, users can read the latest and previous e-newsletters online.

desktop ebook

Integrate automated query forms

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Multi-condition project query

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Job recruitment function

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