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Tomato C Hing


Nov 2022

Tomato C Hing

Concentrate on making tomato soup base

Responsive design

The responsive design of the website makes it easy to browse the website on different sizes of computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Beautiful and clear product interface

Clearly categorized according to the type of goods, wonderful illustrations and clear item content and prices to enhance the customer’s experience in the ordering and purchasing process.

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Customized page design and content

Based on the content provided by the client, the page design is highly customized and suitable so that the purchasing customers can better understand the in-store shopping process.

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Tailor-made group purchase ordering and delivery mechanism

According to Tomato C Hing‘s group purchase and delivery needs, group purchase pick-up options are provided to make it easier for customers in different regions of Hong Kong to access Tomato C Hing products.

Website Development|Tomato C Hing

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