Mobile Apps Development|Tree Adoption Program 樹e護計劃

手機應用程式開發|網頁設計|Tree Adoption Program 樹e護計劃

An online interactive education platform to appreciate and learn about tree conservation

Students learn and understand the basic knowledge of trees through the online platform, learn to observe the growth process of trees and care for trees, thereby increasing their recognition and concern for the value of ecological conservation.

The Tree Adoption Program (TAP) launched by the Environmental Education Foundation in 2017 received funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund, and was supported by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization of Hong Kong (UNESCO HK). support and jointly promote urban tree conservation work.

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Online interactive education platform

Understand and observe the growth process of trees to enhance your tree knowledge, upload photos of trees and record their locations, and share your tree inspection experiences with other tree conservation ambassadors.
Work with geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Cooperating with geographic information systems (GIS), users can view and add different data on the map and interact with it.
Daily article and ranking list
  • Through the platform, you can answer different questions every day and get corresponding scores, which encourages fun competition and promotes mutual learning.
手機應用程式開發|網頁設計|Tree Adoption Program 樹e護計劃
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Member login function

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Map information search

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Register online

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Categorised Album

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Album information

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Video categories

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One answer every day, score calculation​

Mobile App

Through the app, you can understand and observe the growth process of trees, improve your tree knowledge, and easily upload tree photos and record locations to share your tree inspection experiences.
GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Record the location of trees on the map, follow tree information, and share your tree inspection experiences with other tree conservation ambassadors.
Interactive map
  • View geographic information on different tree conditions

Mobile Apps Development|Tree Adoption Program 樹e護計劃

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Educational knowledge
  • Easily review tree conservation knowledge on your mobile phone
News releases and event information
  • Check out the latest news and quickly sign up for events on mobile phone
Support Facebook login
  • Log in through Facebook account to share favorite trees, spread the message about tree protection, and exchange conservation experiences.
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