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網頁設計|網店 eShop|網站開發|VIRTUS 尚至醫療網店

Case overview


VIRTUS Medical eShop


Jan 2023


Virtus Medical have a team of specialists and healthcare professionals from various disciplines, covering the four major areas of healthcare and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, to take care of all the medical needs of our patients.

Responsive Design

The responsive design of the website makes it easy to browse the website on different sizes of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

網頁設計|網店 eShop|網站開發|VIRTUS 尚至醫療網店

Customized Information Interface for Professional Medical Screening Services

Clearly categorized and briefed medical services, check the price of items, easy to find and understand the services you need.

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Instant appointment service and online payment

Based on the medical services provided by VIRTUS eshop, customers can select the date, time and clinic location of the appointment, and then make payment online, which makes it convenient for patients to make appointments instantly and saves a lot of manpower to handle the repetitive appointment process.

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Multi-language options

Customized language options are available to support customers of different languages

Online eShop|Website Development|VIRTUS Medical eShop

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