IOT BMS Integration|Mobile App Development

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React Native ー Cross-platform mobile application development technology

This project is developed based on the latest React Native framework technology. In addition to the following basic functions, various different functions are also customized according to customer needs and are compatible with cross-mobile operating systems.

IoT Internet of Things system integration
  • Monitor the data and status of different sensor devices in the property in real time through your mobile phone
  • Graphically display real-time or historical data
  • Automatically send push notification messages when the device issues an alarm or changes status
  • Complete device filtering, sorting and bookmarking functions
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BMS system integration

  • Integrate equipment currently operating in the property
  • Supports most devices using BACnet standards Suitable for multi-location, multi-floor and even cross-regional monitoring systems
  • Graphically display real-time or historical data
  • View device status change history
  • Automatically send push notification messages when the device issues an alarm or changes status
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People counter

  • Integrate existing crowd monitoring devices
  • Supports different types of people flow monitoring systems on the market
  • Charts and data tables clearly display changes in the flow of people during different time periods and dates.
  • Provide real-time people flow data
  • Statistics charts compare foot traffic across days, months or years
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Video surveillance device

  • Integrate various types of streaming video surveillance devices (CCTV) in operation
  • Support various real-time video surveillance systems on the market
  • Provide preview in image format or streaming format
  • Full screen real-time monitoring
  • Support sound playback

Group communication

  • Group conversations to increase work transparency
  • Emergency contact anytime and anywhere to improve work efficiency
  • Centrally record work-related conversations and make notes for important matters
  • Immediately distribute announcements or important notices to all relevant personnel
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File management system

  • Integrate server shared file system
  • Supports various brands of network drives such as Synology NAS
  • Supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access interface
  • Supports reading a variety of file formats including images, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
  • Double login design effectively protects privacy and prevents data leakage
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Backend management website

User management
  • Set user profile, login name and password
  • User role settings, restrictions and assignment of usage rights
  • Group settings, used for group conversation function in chat room
Property management
  • Set up property profiles and information
  • Set up BMS configuration and integrate existing monitoring devices
  • Configure CCVT configuration to integrate with existing video surveillance systems
BMS management
  • Manage object information captured from existing BMS systems
  • Customize device name, type and specified display order, etc.
  • Set standards for status values, such as sending push notifications if temperature monitoring exceeds a specified range
Send push message
  • Distribute important information or announcements to relevant personnel through push messages
  • Option to send push messages to all or specific groups of people
  • Send schedule, you can create message content in advance and send it out at a specified date and time