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Jan 2018

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IPAD application of NARS, a world-renowned cosmetics brand​

The app allows customers to choose makeup and freely create ever-changing combinations. It also allows customers to preview the effects, provides membership functions and makeup teaching information.

Preview makeup

Under the guidance of makeup artists, customers can use this APP to preview the makeup effects of various NARS series cosmetics, select the products that best suit them, and match them to create their perfect makeup.

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Create different styles​​

In addition to matching different cosmetics, you can also choose different styles of makeup during the simulated makeup process, and provide you with key points of various styles. Face Chart Cheek Style Contour Nose Bridge ipadair2 gold portrait

Video tutorial​

During makeup application, NARS will provide makeup tutorials chosen by customers, so that each customer can learn the key points of makeup and become a skilled makeup artist.

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Record your makeup changes

NARS APP will record your makeup changes before and after makeup, allowing you to feel the difference in your charm before and after makeup!

Send full report

After the entire makeup process is completed, NARS will automatically generate an email report that belongs to you, which fully records the selected cosmetics, video tutorials, and the makeup artist’s suggestions for you, as well as the changes before and after makeup, so that you can review it at any time , create the most perfect makeup.

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