Mobile App Development|Online eShop|Neigbuy

Mobile App Development|Online eShop|Neigbuy

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June 2019

React Native ー Cross-platform mobile application development technology

This project is developed based on the latest React Native framework technology. In addition to the following basic functions, various different functions will also be customized according to customer needs and are compatible with cross-mobile operating systems.

Neigbuy|Mobile App Development|Online eShop

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Member system

Phone authentication
  • Support mobile phone number authentication, send SMS verification code to verify membership identity
QR code
  • Supports personal QR Code function, and can be used with the merchant version of the app to read order information, saving time on picking up orders.
Account settings
  • Setting payment methods includes presetting credit card information, setting notifications and other personal information settings
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Map function

Google Map
  • Integrate Google Map to display pickup points on the map, and use automatic positioning to automatically find nearby pickup points
Location classification
  • The self-pickup point classification function allows users to find suitable self-pickup points by region.
Pickup point directions
  • Users can use the route function to call the external Google Map to obtain suggested routes from the current location to the pickup point.
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Product system

Product Catalog
  • Display the main image of the product and related information such as name, short description, availability, price and buy now button
Product Categories
  • Support product categories, and display the categories in the form of a tag, support the left and right sliding and switch to various product catalogs
Brand new shopping cart design
  • Set up a dedicated shopping cart for each pickup point to facilitate checkout for items at a single pickup point at the same time
neigbuy order confirmation
neigbuy my order detail
neigbuy order payment
neigbuy my order waiting

Order function

Order classification
  • Display data with pending receipt, received goods and all order records
Order detail
  • Display the delivery and receipt of all the goods in the order, and the information of the pickup location

Promotion function​

Limited Time Offer
  • Set discount offers and effective dates for different products in the backend management system
Promotion code
  • Set up a discount code in the backend management system. After entering the correct code, the user will receive a discount coupon and can use it at checkout.
Sign in and get present
  • A unique feature of the Neigbuy app. Users who open the app and press the sign-in button for 7 consecutive days can receive a $5 coupon or other discounts.
neigbuy promotion
neigbuy referral

Push message

Offers and other notifications
  • The program can receive any messages sent by the post-management system, including coupons or other customized messages, and notify users in the form of push notifications.
Goods arrival notification
  • If the goods in the order have been delivered to the pick-up point, a push message can be sent to notify the user
neigbuy allow notification
neigbuy order confirmation
neigbuy my order detail
neigbuy order payment
neigbuy my order waiting

Other function

Webview App
  • The advantage is that the administrator can update the page content in the background management system and publish it immediately without having to re-list the application.
Update notification
  • When a new version of the program is released, the user will be prompted to update the program.
Payment method
  • Supports multiple payment methods including credit cards, Alipay, FPS and Apple Pay
Offline processing
  • Linzhumai requires online operation to obtain the latest product and order information. The system will display the relevant interface when the device is offline to avoid leaving.

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